Krizové centrum pro děti a rodinu v Jihočeském kraji, z.s. from 1. 1. 2015 to 31. 3. 2016 realizes the project:

Joining children of the South Bohemian Region in Decision-Making Processes of Family Issues

The objective of the project:

  • To ensure the point of view of children in divorce to be find out according to their needs
  • To discover barriers blocking the effective participation of children in decision-making process and to suggest measures to eliminate or minimalize the barriers

The plan of the project:

1. Collection and analysis of relevant clients data.

2. Creating the two methodical materials.

  • One for the state administration workers (workers of the child care authority, courts, court experts), the second for the helping profession workers who work with children and young people
  • Planned content of the methodical materials:
    • Joining children in court and administrative procedures.
    • Pitfalls and risks of the joining children in decesion-making process (assisted contact, children with special needs, Sandplay method – it helps children to express their point of view in a game and without words)
    • Parental Alienation Syndrome, parents manipulating their children, legal capacity (independence) and maturity of the child

3. A probationary verification of the methodical materials in practice and potential revision.

  • It will be realized within the common work with clients, programs for schools and therapeutic groups for adolescents, so children will participace in formation of the methodical materials.

The outputs of the project:

  • A suggestion to make the cooperation system among relevant institutions and organizations more effective.
  • Practical methodical materials and professional publication for the specialists working with children.
  • A course for the specialists with the topic of Joining children in decision-making process.


The project partner is THEIA – krizové centrum o.p.s.

The project is supported by a grant from the Iceland, the Liechtenstein and the Norway with 1 446 057 Kč.